• From 2000 - "Gilardi Prize" Cultural International Prize for Sculptors, Painters, Photographers.
  • The International Award Gilardi , is open to all International Artists and not , involving all the artistic expressions . Sculpture , Painting , Photo , Music to the Virtual Arts .
    The International Award Gilardi is recognized by the  Presidency of the Italian Republic since the First Edition .


  • From 2000, "European Capital of Culture"
  • The ILGilardi museum is part of the European Project " European Capital of Culture", representing the category of "Small Private Museum".


  • From 2002, "Museo ILGilardi, International Art Campus"
    The Museum ILGilardi offers Artists the chance to stay at his facility . During the period of stay the artists participating in courses of Sculpture and Painting , 
    at the end of the stay is organized a solo exhibition of works created during the period of staying .
  • From 2009 "National Campaign against the abandonment of pets" - Dog Day - Under the Patronage of of the Italian Ministry of Health
  • "DO NOT EVER" , National Campaign against the abandonment of animals , under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Health ,
    It aims to raise awareness of the larger public opinion against the scourge of abandonment of pets , especially in summer .
  • From 2009 "Dog National Day each 10 July" Formalization of the Dog's National Day - Under the Patronage of of the Italian Ministry of Health
  • In 2009, the Italian Ministry of Health has institutionalized the Dog Day, every July 10 since 2004 , as a National Day of the Dog .


  • From 2009 "Dog Day RUNNING"
  • In support of the National Campaign against the abandonment of animals , called "DO NOT EVER" Dog Day , 
    the Association Rosalda Gilardi organizes a non-competitive marathon, for dogs with their owners . 
    This national event has the patronage of more than 80 Italian provincial capitals , as well as from the Italian Ministry of Health .
  • The Dog Day RUNNING 5Km 'was designed for owners and their four-legged friends, organized in Versilia in Forte dei Marmi, on 10 luglio.
    It is a unique event of its kind, where and 'was offered the chance' to spend with his beloved dog, a different day than usual. A distance of about 5 km, 
    along part of the Forte dei Marmi seafront crossing Victoria Apuan, to arrive at Querceta, to be made by running and / or walking, departure at 10h 
    from the jetty of the Fort to reach the park of the museum ILGilardi . A race-walk that allows a singular "sgambettata"  with the faithful friend, but also s
    erves to improve the relationship between owner and animal and approach to the environment. By participating in the Dog Day RUNNING 5Km it helps 
    promote "DO NOT EVER give up" National Campaign against the abandonment of Animals Dog Day 2013, sponsored by Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco 
    under the patronage of the Ministry of Health to raise awareness on a theme important actuality ', which the abandonment of pets in the vicinity' 
    of the summer holidays.
  • From 2013 "Dog Day International RUNNING"
  • The " Dog Day International RUNNING " race - non-competitive walk for dogs with their owners , as well as being organized in more than 80 Italian cities , is organized in France and in Switzerland .
    The anticipation of this social project is to involve the greatest number of European countries and not . In the next , the " Dog Day International RUNNING" will be organized in Croatia , Austria , Slovenia, Spain, Germany , Holland and Sweden .

  • From 2014 "International Art Campus" Museo ILGilardi in collaboration with l'Ecole du Louvre
  • For the first time in history , the Ecole du Louvre signing a partnership with a private museum , this means the
    training by the ILGilardi museum of a university campus to accommodate students of the Ecole du Louvre
    at the new facility which is being built inside the park museum ILGilardi .


  • 2017 European Project "Art as Universal Language for the Refugees integration in Europe"
  • Applicant organisation - Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco - Querceta Seravezza - Italy
  • Partner - Zagreb - Croatia
  • Partner - La Orotava - Spain
  • Partner - Zbilje - Slovenia
  • Partner - Madrid - Spain
  • Partner - Tirgu Frumos - Romania
  • One of the main purpouse of this project is to promote, preserve and protect cultural and language diversities, aiming the EU Member State to resolve the difficulties due to refugee integration process.
    Performing various expressions of art like as painting, photography, music, dance, litterature and movie with the goal to create an universal language finalized to a complete integration of different cultures and traditions.
    Relevance and related strategies of the projectual idea
    The project "Art as a language for refugees integration in European countries" contributes to achieve a better refugees integration throughout the European Union by the promotion of different host countries traditions and culture. As well, aiming to help EU citizens to familiarize and to understand the traditions and cultures of migrant populations.
    This is possible by organizing meetings and events where the different artists, painters, writers, dancers and musicians, can express themselves.
    To organize and realize the project, it's necessary a partner research and the involvement of organisations and associations already present in EU that provide to refugees reception.
    It's also required a research and an involvement of refugee communities already existing in Europe.

  • Opening of the Gilardi Art International School, The Gilardi's Art International School experience gives  service with unique knowing. 
    We make ART visions happen. Classes list: 1-Marble 2-Sculpture 3-Painting 4-Photografing 5-Figurine di gesso 6-Maestri d'ascia 7-Digital 8-Monumental 9-New Art 10-Selling. Location: Italy, Croatia, France and Spain. Our talented in-Art House team use their wealth of knowledge and ingenuity to service produce for some of the biggest and brightest students across the globe. Whether we're working with global and international students; making huge Courses and Masters , our International School shines through.

  • 2017/18 European Project "from Marble to Virtual, the Evolution in the Art"
  • Applicant organisation - Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco - Querceta Seravezza - Italy
  • Partner - Zagreb - Croatia
  • Partner - La Orotava - Spain
  • Partner - Zbilje - Slovenia
  • Partner - Madrid - Spain
  • Partner - Tirgu Frumos - Romania
  • Partner - Kivioli - Estonia
  • Partner - Skopje - Republic of Macedonia
  • Partnet - Lisbon - Portugal
  • Partner - Baia Mare - Romania
  • Partner - Tirgu Frumos - Romania
  • Partner - Medvode - Slovenia
  • Partner - Murcia - Spain
  • Partner - Almeria - Spain
  • Partner - Bialistok - Polonia
  • Partner - Maiorca - Spain
  • Specific Challenge:
    The challenge is to accelerate and widen the exchange of skills of artists and creative people with entrepreneurs and technologists, thus creating a common language and understanding.
    The activities are structured in two lines: establishing a structured dialogue between creative people and technology developers and encouraging artists' integration into research and innovation projects, providing visibility of good practices and rewarding them.


  • 2018 Museo ILGilardi - ART International School QATAR. 
  • 2019 "the Twentieth Anniversary of the death of the Sculptor Rosalda Gilardi"


Shortly About Her

In 1972 Rosalda Gilardi took part in the Venice Biennale and was a guest of Peggy Guggenheim, who bouth the sculpture Presenze for her collection.


  • SAFFA 1961, partecipation in the Federal Sculpture Exhibition, Zurich 
  • Orengerie Luxembourg 1970, Partecipation in the exhibition "21th Exhibition of young Sculpture", Paris
  • Palazzo Strozzi 1974 partecipation in the Exhibition "Art Jewelry", Florence