museum ILGilardi

The Museum ILGilardi active since 1998 , is the brainchild of sculptor Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco and Cristiano Merra . The villa in Forte dei Marmi , which was in the golden years of Sculpture in Versilia the benchmark of international artists , most notably Henry Moore, has become a place dedicated to sculpture and the arts in general.

By the impressive collection Anthology of the Works of Rosalda Gilardi , from 1999 , the villa has seen the presence of operators of art ( artists, critics , ect.) That gave birth to a meeting place, spiritually linked with the tradition of Versilia Fourth Plane . The Versilia , especially in the summer , it becomes more than a century , in an informal way and drawing-room , the natural venue for meetings and exchanges of experiences and international elite of Italian sculpture .

The museum ILGilardi , managed dall'Assiciazione Rosalda Gilardi Berconno , chaired by Christian Merra , gave birth Gilardi , open to young sculptors , painters, musicians, composers, novelists and international photographers . The Prize Gilardi , since the first edition was recognized by the President of the Republic Italiliana . The museum ILGilardi is inserted in the "European Capital of Culture . ILGilardi The museum will showcase art , presents to the public many Italian and international contemporary artists , with exhibitions with particular originality.

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