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Shortly About Her

In 1972 Rosalda Gilardi took part in the Venice Biennale and was a guest of Peggy Guggenheim, who bought the sculpture Presenze for her collection.


'70Orangerie Luxembourg 1970, participation in the exhibition "21th Exhibition of young Sculpture", Paris

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Friends of Her

Henry Moore, Gaston Chaissac, Miro', Alicia Penalba, Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Dali'...

Her Philosophy


Giuseppe Marchiori
Rosalda has solved the problems of style, imposed by overcoming...

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The museum ILGilardi , managed dall'Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco , chaired by Cristiano Merra , gave birth Gilardi , open to young sculptors , painters, musicians, composers, novelists and international photographers . The Prize Gilardi , since the first edition was recognized by the President of the Italian Republic. The museum ILGilardi is inserted in the "European Capital of Culture . ILGilardi The museum will showcase art , presents to the public many Italian and international contemporary artists , with exhibitions with particular originality.